Flutter Learning Resources

Flutter Learning Resources
Flutter Learning Resources

Wondering about Flutter learning resources to start mobile application development?

Hang on, if you don’t know about Flutter, read my introduction to Google Flutter.

As a beginner, you might feel confused and feel hard to learn Google Flutter at first hand.

Don’t worry, I have this listing for you.

Here the list of Flutter learning resources for you to start.

Flutter Official

  • Flutter.io : the official page of Flutter SDK.
  • Flutter CodeLabs . official hand-on coding experience to build actual application from Google products and services. Select Flutter from category list.
  • Flutter Cookbook. Recipes to solve common problems  when develop Flutter applications.
  • Flutter Examples. Directories of sample Flutter code.

Blogs / Newsletter / Content

  • Flutter Weekly.  Get latest news curation about Flutter development. I recommend to subscribe to this helpful newsletter so you can get up to date with everything about Flutter.
  • Flutter.rocks. A blog about Flutter by Iiro Krankka.
  • Flutter Institute. A blog by Brian Armstrong.
  • Flutter by Example. Tutorials based on Redux, Firebase, Custom Animations, and UI.
  • awesome-flutter. Content curation around Flutter, as you know, it’s an awesome list.

Learning Courses

  • Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter at Udacity. This course is completely free and taught by Google engineers, it is the real trust-worthy course to start learning.
  • Flutter by Google. The playlist of everything about Flutter development at Google Developers Youtube channel. It’s good to know about Flutter features and development.




I will keep updating this Flutter learning resources list. It will grow gradually.