Dart 2 Stable Release and the Dart Web Platform

Dart 2 Stable Release and the Dart Web Platform

After a long time waiting, finally, Dart 2 has been released with many features and improvements that developers expected. Especially, this is definitely the best news for Flutter developers today.

Quick and simple, if you’re already familiar with Dart or Flutter, you can get started with the upgrade to Dart 2.

Mentioned on the official release, Dart 2 comes with three focus points:

  • strengthening and tightening the language.
  • developing support for web and mobile frameworks.
  • bringing some of the tooling and components that support Google’s usage of Dart to the outside world.

If you think Dart only works on mobile apps development as the only programming language in Flutter framework, then you’re wrong.

Long before Flutter, Dart was created for web development following and embracing Javascript fully.

But then, developers have found Dart has more potential than what it can be used to achieve other tasks. So it can be used to develop tools on native platforms through Dart SDK.

At the moment, Dart can be used for:

There are more to tell about Dart but the release of Dart 2 is the awesome release that all Dart and Flutter developers have been waiting for so long.

Check out the Dart 2 official release annoucement.

So, take your time to setup environment and give Dart 2 a feeling moment!

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